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    2 & 3 year olds mouthing toys

    Hi All,
    My crew of DHK right now are all very orally fixated, especially the 2 year olds. I know they'll grow out of it, but I'm looking for ideas on how to help it along. Even the 3 year olds (one who's almost 4) are constantly mouthing toys. Not just play food either, I've even caught them licking the couches and walls! Me reminding them that we don't put things in our mouths because we don't want to spread germs to our friends doesn't help.
    Any help is gratefully appreciated with cold/flu season upon us!

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    Licking couches and walls, ewwwwwwwww. Some days I feel like all I say is Not In Your Mouth! But by 2 they are usually over it. Get the parents to do some of this work to help these kids knock it off, so they are getting the message at daycare & at home.
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    It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

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    For the two year olds it may very well be teething - molars but for the other kids just a bad habit that they never totally broke. For the two year olds can you designate a few stiffer durable toys they can chew - a chewie each or transition them to chewing on a washcloth or similar thing. For the older ones just keep with the verbal no and ideally try to catch them as they raise it to their mouth rather than after the fact. Encourage them to police each other teaching them to say "not in your mouth" if they see a friend doing it. Every kid has the right to play with clean dry toys and should have the right to protect their playspace if needed.

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    For my 3 year olds, if they are mouthing a toy it goes away as soon as I see it (in the sink or 'mouthed toys' bin). Depending on the reason behind mouthing for the 2 year olds, I might do the same, or at least trade them for something they are allowed to chew.

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    I have a 3 yrs old dcb who is doing this constantly..also always biting his nails. Oh, and he's a drooler still, it's gross! I say "Hands out of your mouth" or "Toys are not for your mouth" and take it away. He can't seem to help himself it goes in without him thinking...just a habit he needs to outgrow!

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