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    List to give parents to help them help their child succeed in child care

    I'm compiling a list of pointers to help ease the transition of new children coming. I hadn't done this before, as all the kids I'd had enroll were in previous day homes/day cares and the adjustment was easy peasy.

    I'm going to give my new dcgs parents a letter at the end of this week as she has shown virtually no improvement in the week and a half that she's been here - in fact now her nap schedule has gone out of whack and if anything she's worse now due yo being overtired. I'm not to the point of bringing up termination, but for mine and her sake, things need to improve.

    Here's what I have so far (and I will write them with some compassion and sentence structure in the letter ):
    Don't hold child excessively and try to encourage them to explore on the floor on their own
    If child becomes upset while playing independently, try to comfort her with a hug and some reassuring words, and let her continue to play, before picking up and carrying child.
    Encourage her to become more corfortable with other children and adults by saying goodbye and leaving the room for 10-20 minutes when visiting friends, or if friends come to your house.
    Talk to her about "going to ______'s" house while at home
    Arrange (with me) time to come visit for 30 mins after drop off or pick up, so she can begin to have more positive associations with my home
    If possible, arrange for shorter work days for he next 1-2 weeks

    Just wondering if anyone has and comments or any other suggestions that they've found successful?


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    Ok if you go into my profile and click on all started threads you will see a thread I started about a year ago entitled .... Suggestions for parents.......
    It's right at the bottom if the page and there is some good stuff in there

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    Perfect, thank you.

    I need to remember to search first, then post!

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