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    Hi! Trying to find home care for my LO

    Hi everyone!
    I'm a newbie from Burlington My husband and I have recently had to change our original care plan for our LO of 15 mos and are trying to find p/t home care. Aside from the questions I've seen posted online on what to ask, are there specific things that we should be looking out for when we meet with the caregivers? Is it also a normal request to do a trial period or drop-ins to see what's really happening there? I've also contacted weewatch for help in finding a caregiver and was wondering if any parents on here have any experience with any of their providers?

    worried mom!!

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    I allow parents to do half days for two weeks before they need full time care.This is the only time I charge half days, other than that I charge full time. If they want to stay, I limit the visit to an hour or two as I find longer than that is too disruptive to our day. I have certain times that they can come by. I have only had 1 parent do this that I can remember. Some providers don't like this but I don't feel offended by it nor do I find it a big deal because it is not often that it happens.

    If you are worried about what is going on during the day, I suggest picking up early every now and then unannounced. Normally, I like for the parents to let me know when they are early so I can plan my afternoon activities accordingly but I don't mind it unannounced every now and then as I imagine it is nerve wracking for parents to leave their child with someone new.

    Ask the dcp for current and past parents phone number for references. If she doesn't want to give out their numbers ask if she can give yours to them.

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    Hello. I so feel for you & wish I knew someone in your area to recommend. I am currently in my 3rd year as a child care provider but first was a Mom in your position, searching for just the right caregiver for my children.
    I would certainly suggest starting out making a list with your husband/partner as to what is important to you in a child care provider; a great checklist to go by in interview. A lot of things can be covered in a phone interview beforehand (perhaps weeding out some to save you time?).

    Some ideas: First Aid/CPR trained? Criminal check? View sleep areas/outdoor & indoor play spaces....safe?...vi ew menus & discuss what a typical day looks like (is it a good blend of structured activity vs. free play, for example). Are there smoke alarms, safety plan, fire extinguishers in place? How does the provider communicate/what level...does this match your need? Ask how many children are currently in care (do they plan on taking more on?). Take the contract home and review it carefully before signing.

    As for a trial period, I leave this up to the comfort level of parents...I am open to whatever parent & child needs for reassurance.

    Hope all of that helps!
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    Hi there!

    Choosing a daycare is difficult, I can only imagine! I would definitely suggest making a list of what your needs are so you can cover any questions with potential providers and know that your family will have their needs met when you have chosen your provider.

    As far as trial days go, I used to do a slow transition period and no longer do. I found, and so did the parents, that having a child in daycare a day here and there, especially if they are really young usually just confused things and actually just made the transition into daycare a lot harder than it had to be. However, I do have a trial period of 2 weeks. If after 2 weeks a family or I feel that we have mismatched ourselves-there is no obligation for the full months notice.

    In my experience, the best thing to do is go with your gut! Who made you feel the most at ease. It is important that you really like your provider, this will put your child at ease and obviously yourself as well.

    Good Luck!

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    Try the Halton Child Care Providers Association (Burlington Chapter) for referrrals.

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