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    Quote Originally Posted by daycarewhisperer View Post
    Why would they give a baby nuts?

    I would be suspicious that a ten month old would have these allergies.
    Living in Canada which is a cultural mosaic not everyone is raising their children the same, this includes the practice of weaning. Different cultures do different things. For example, myself being from the UK. We do not have restrictive guidelines like over here for weaning. Personally without meaning offence to anyone, I can't get over how anal the whole ordeal is here. By age 7 months my son was off milk and ate EVERYTHING. He started to be weaned onto food at 11 weeks. My daughter was 7 weeks when she started having plain brown rice pureed and was on full table food without it being chopped up by 6 months. She also ate everything. A staple meal for lunch was eggs from as young as 6 months and she was on cows milk at 10 months even though the guideline was 12mths. There were no restrictions on nuts for fear of allergy, the biggest risk was choking but that's not to say they couldn't be crushed up or cooked in something. I hear over and over that breast fed babies do not need any solid food till 12 months old and that a child should not be weaned onto food to early before 6-9 mths because it increases the risk of allergies, but honestly I have never known so many people to have food allergies over here so while I have read info that backs up these claims, it doesn't seem to be working out so well. Also seriously do you realize the family dr has little to no training in nutrition?!? They are the last people I would take advice from with regards to nutrition.

    All I am saying is that there is more than one right way of doing something and just because some of us may not introduce nuts till after 12 months, doesn't mean that others don't or shouldn't.

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