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Has anyone tried melaleuca products? There is one I bought (sol-u-guard botanical), is supposed to be safe for kids and pets, and if left on for 10 minutes, is supposed to kill 99% of household germs and bacteria.

I haven't used it beyond spraying and wiping off (because honestly, the things that are easy to wipe, I wipe with my norwex cloths - tables and chairs and such). I'd love to be able to spray down my train table and little people structures without having to wipe them. I know I need to just try it on my own to see if it leaves a residue, but just curious if anyone else has tried it!
I looked at the product specs on the website and nowhere does it mention for the product you mentioned that it is or is not safe for pets and kids. Also on the ingredient list it mentions "detergents" I am very sceptical when a company who claims to be all natural has a general description on a label. Detergent could be any number of things and are highly irritating too so I don't think that this product is necessarily as good as it claims to be.

Also dodge I would not add essential oils to a cleaner used on items that children potentially mouth unless you have done extensive research on their safety. Some essential oils are toxic if ingested and many people have a reaction if making skin contact even after dilution. One rule f thumb is that if following a mix for cleaner that will be used around children, only add 50% of the recommended amount.