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Thread: Maternity leave

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    Maternity leave

    Just wondering if you have a home private day care is maternity leave still paid for in Ontario? Also do you loose the clients when u start up after Matt leave? How do u find out the age of children that require the most care in your area? I would love preschoolers but I don't know if that is really needed in my area. Thanks

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    Mat leave is not paid for if you are self - employed which you would be considered if you run a private home daycare. There is an option to enroll into EI and pay your own premiums and draw a paycheck while on mat leave but there are several threads on the forum discussing the pros and cons and if just putting your own money aside for the time off isn't better. How long you take off will determine what happens with your kids. If you are only take a couple weeks or a month they are more likely to come back but if you are taking longer than that they will get settled at the alternate daycare and probably stay. The advantage is it allows you to start up gradually again as you are feeling better and get a routine down.

    In Ontario the demand is for kids aged 1-3 because older than that they are in full day JK. A lot are put into preschool at 2 1/2 so your chances of finding one year olds after mom goes back to work it a lot more likely in most areas.

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