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    Question about cleaning equipment

    Here's an odd question for you. How often do you replace your mops and brooms? I replace my mop once or twice a year. It have a detachable, machine washable head so I detach and wash with detergent and I wash my floors. I have had the same brooms for about 2 yrs. I clean them in detergent every now and again but I think it's time to get new mops and brooms. How often do ou replace yours?

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    Broom is replaced when the bristles start to fall out or it gets so feathery it proves useless - then it usually ends up out on outside duty and I get a new one for inside so about this time of year and old broom goes to the porch for sweeping off the dustings of snow.

    Mop the same as I also have the machine washable heads. When they start to get ragged or even with washing they come out hard or smelly.

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