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Thread: Outdoor space

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    Outdoor space

    First off I'm so sorry to be posting so many questions!! I live in a town house that has a store in the front of it but it doesn't have outdoor space. I just wondering if it is even possible to open a daycare without outdoor space. It also has no kitchen it is upstairs. It has a washroom. Lastly what ages does everyone have do u vary ages or all one age? Thanks so much for all your help and support you are all so amazing and I'm so happy to have found this site!

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    While most things you can work around such as setting up a mini kitchen with microwave, toaster oven, bar size fridge, etc. You will still need to have a sink that is separate from your bathroom. It will be hard to attract clients without the basics of a home available.

    As to the outdoor space, take a walk around your neighbourhood and take pictures of any park play area you can walk to. Have a plan in mind - wagon, multichild stroller, etc for how you will get there.

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    My kitchen is upstairs and that is where the children eat. It makes a nice change from being downstairs all the time. Yes, take the kids for walks and look for any green space that the kids could play on. I live behind a store also and sometimes, for a change, the kids will play on the grassy area behind it. They just run around the trees and we play simon says.
    The ages of my dck's vary. They are aged 3 and the youngest who is starting in January will be 11 months. I have no problem handling a varied age group and actually prefer it, however, you have to figure out what age groups you can handle. Some providers love all babies and some like the older kids.

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