Honestly the best gift for me has been clients who give me cards with really nice, thoughtful things written inside...I too hate knick knacks...I had a client who would give me the best gifts...100$ gift cards for Xmas, birthday, Mother's Day etc...THEY WOULD EVEN PAY FOR SOME OF MY TIME OFF! Even though they didn't have to. And they weren't loaded with money either. but it wasn't just the fact that they got me these things, it was how SUPER APPRECIATIVE they were that made it so special...they were always saying how happy they were with me etc etc. I think of them often and they hold a special place in my heart...I wish all my clients were like them.

I myself always send a little gift card for timmies or Starbucks to my sons teacher and I take the time to write a nice thank you message in the card. Oh and for the bus driver too