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    I have not recieved an email either, but I also don't advertise on this site. So I'm also wondering if this site is the the link

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    KerBear----call the number 1-888-495-8501

    Canadian Anti-fraud

    I was told this scam is based out of Nigeria

    The fraud department wants me to fax the cheque the scammers are sending me and method of delivery. apparently these jerks steal people's UPS accounts as well.
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    I got the same thing and I am in the abbeydale area of Calgary ab

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    I got an email from the same person and have a money order received from them, they asked me to return the difference without asking for any purchases....what to do?

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    Reported this scam to Fraud Canada, ripped the cheque and am glad I followed my gut

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    this guy went as far as sending me a cheque, fake im sure for $2880. then said it was a mistake amount !!!!!!

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    Ok everyone so i got talked into this scam
    but was lucky that i didn't lose any money over this. But ya this person has detailed information of my childcare center. I am taking this to media. I have contacted the RCMP, and reported crime control. Also the province, going to email the beat 94.5, 103.5 qm fm, and Facebook. This person send me a picture of a family of four. I have it all saved and will be exposed everywhere soon.
    this is sad that technology is supposed to help us and not discourage with all this stupidity.

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    The email you received is most probably a scam. We advise you not to do any business with the authors, nor save a space for their child. You will most likely never hear from them again.

    Unfortunately, we already tried to notify the authorities about similar emails in the past. We were told that, since the scammers were outside of the country, it would be hard to prosecute them...

    It is always a challenge to balance information accessibility and information protection. We already have a big red warning inside all the accounts of our member's, in the listings management page.

    As always on the Internet, we advise you to be cautious, especially when dealing with persons from outside the country and/or persons asking you to cash checks, money orders or similar items. Please stay safe. The Internet is a powerful tool to find new clients but you still have to use common sense and ONLY deal with persons from your neighborhood/city!

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    Even I got a picture of a family of four..

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    Just got the same thing in Calgary! Sent me a cheque for $2880; a ridiculous sum considering my small deposit! Was curious if it would clear or not, now I won't hold my breath. Thx!

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