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    Need information on child care centers calgary

    Hello everyone,
    I am new with you and I hope to have a good experience to both the Calgary and forum draycare,
    I'll move me to quebec city and I plan to open a home daycare among elegant as I had my daycare acteullement quebec city,
    my question is as follows:
    -is that there are requirements concernat language English knowing that I have a very modest level in English.
    -is what I would need a degree in education or something like that
    -is that there has space requirements knowing that I am a beginner (modest budget for life too expensive to calgary).
    - What are the place you advise me to open my daycare (that is to say, or there are many requests)
    - Is that I can have an idea about the price of guards means.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    Hi Rayray Welcome

    it might be a good idea to call the daycares in your new area and visit some so you know how the system works there and you might even have a new friend with the same interest, and be able to tell you how to start as every prov. have their own rules and I am in BC
    Good luck Van

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