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    So Ready for a break....

    I am burning out and am literally counting the hours till my Xmas and New Year break.

    I had surgery in October and since then I just haven't been 100%. Its not because anything went wrong with my surgery, but it's just my recovery and overall well being afterwards.

    I am now anemic with an iron count of 7 so I constantly look like crap, constant black circles around eyes and even daycare parents have commented now. I have fallen 3 times in the last 2 weeks busting up my elbow, knee, broke my big toe on Monday and fell this morning and hurt my shin.

    I was sick last week with the flu and that has also amplified my fatigue. I am better now but don't look it one bit.

    Add to that a side order of PMS and my current battle with PTSD and I am positively depressed.

    My daycare group is very young and so crafting this Xmas is pretty much non exsistant. I drew around their hands and feet yesterday to make reindeer and they all had an absolute meltdown. OMG just so not worth it. This doesn't help my day as this is usually a really busy time crafting and doing lots of fun seasonal stuff which non of them partake in AT ALL!! It's just a succession of gormless expressions lol

    The kids are playing happily together and that's fine by me but I miss having the activities to lift my mood. TOmorrow is my last day for 17 days and boy do I need that time off. My husband is off for a week and has pretty much ordered me to lay up for the week and do nothing, but I want to get active and get over this hump.

    Mornings in pj's, afternoon walks in the crisp winter air, board games with the kids and healthy wholesome food. That's what I need right now

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    Euphoric !
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    Sounds like you have had a rough go for the past little bit. I hope that this breaks allows you to jump back!! Sounds like your husband has the right idea, rest up!!

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    Oh Brightsparks, You do need a HUGE break. Thank goodness you have a gem of a hubby who sees that and is willing to help! I hope you have a great recuperative break and a wonderful Christmas.

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    Brightsparks....I'm glad to hear you are taking a 17 day break. You certainly need it. Listen to hubby and rest up. At least for the first few days. Big hugs to you. This isn't an easy career and you certainly have had your share of bumps in the last few months.

    Enjoy your time off. Recharge those batteries.

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    sooo? Did your break help? Although, nowhere NEAR as badly as you, I also needed the break. Usually, I enjoy Chrismtas break (I close for 2 weeks) and NEED March Break. This is perhaps the first year, that I NEEDED Christmas. It was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I'm right back where I was before it. Tough days. Tough time for me right now in daycare. My kids are in school and I only have 4, so it should be easy and fun (last year was), but something's just not clicking this year. Truth be told, I don't like it. I like all the other advantages that this job brings, but the job itself has lost it's luster. I'm not happy. I don't feel that I have (or would choose) anything else at this time, since Like I said I enjoy the perks, so that leaves finding a way to like it...finding a way to be happy....
    Sorry, I just hijacked this didn't I? Guess I really needed a vent!

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