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    New daycare - worried about online advertising

    Hello everyone! I have recently opened an in home daycare. I have found my first full-time dcb starting in the spring, so excited. I'm advertising on this site to try and fill my other two spots but worried as I've received a few email scams. From what I read from other posts, many from this site have received the same messages. I hate online advertising but now a days online is the way to advertise. I've tried word of mouth, posters and schools but online seems to be where I get the most replies. Is anyone else worried about online advertising?

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    There is so much spam on the internet that there comes a point when you learn to just ignore it. Realize that most of it is not targeted directly to you in terms of a personal threat but to a wider group in general. There are some sites that seem to be more prone to scams - craigslist being one of them.

    The only time many of the scams are a problem is if you reply to them. If you just delete they usually stop because whatever program they are using to seek out emails requires a response as it verifies the email address for it to continue.

    I like to use a web based email such as gmail for my daycare emails as it has a good spam filter rather than using something more personal such as the email that comes from my internet provider. That gives you one element of separation.

    I do feel that the benefits of online advertising for sure outweigh the concerns but obviously take precautions. If it feels odd when you read the email don't answer if you don't want to. Never give out information such as address or phone on first contact - either can be used to trace you. Have all contact be by email - I like having it all in writing - until it sounds more sure. Most scams won't keep it up very long before they move on to someone else hoping to get the info they want on the first try.

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    Hello, I am so glad that I sat down today and updated my listing again with dcb. It was minutes after that I came to the shocking news in the forum. The Cantin Moore scam. I was so upset and aside myself, when I found out what this person has done to so many childcare poviders. I too am a childcare provider in mississauga and fell into to his scam, I should receive his cheque this week, according to his last email to me on friday.

    After reading 9 pages of threads, I am so grateful for this moment. I just joined this forum and regret not doing it before. Thank you, for opening up my eyes.

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    I require all families to meet with me before I book a spot. If someone won't meet then we don't continue talking, simple. Also if an email has odd wording or sounds fishy I usually just delete to begin with.

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