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    When I found out about this scam, I was terrified, but he had already mailed me the cheque for 2,880.00. After getting it in the mail I went to the same bank of his money order and had them check it for me. Sure enough the teller told me she that this was not their money orders and nothing was coming up. My advice is just have the bank check any and every money order, draft or cheque before depositing it into your account and never send out any money. I learned a big lesson with this guy !

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    Scam! I used to work at a bank for several years and people do this all the time. They target older people and claim they are their grandchildren and need money, they purchase things through kijiji like cars and such and then 'change their minds' or 'accidentally' put too much money. Don't EVER forward them back the money. The bank can hold the draft/money order and all they have to do is contact the branch/institute the moneys were drawn from and most of the time they can determine that it is fraud. I had one client who was selling a car (they were only like 18 years old) and the people sent the money order through a courier so they came in with the draft to cash it and they were all ready to hand over the vehicle but we caught it before it went that far. Another client was selling his vehicle and took the draft and released the vehicle to the people. He cashed the draft and spent it (he didn't have a hold on his account) and then a few days late it came back fraud and the client was liable because he spent it and in turn had to pay back the bank and lost his car too boot. Craziness! Be Careful out there as these people are getting smart and like to pull at your heart string with sob stories about their starving children or dying parents and none of it's true.

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    I had the same email a few weeks ago as well. It was a Canada mother living in Mexico self employed there and wanted immediate care for her 2 sons when they arrived. I knew something was fishy about this situation so I wanted to make sure for myself. I asked them to call me (didnt give my # or home address) and her answer was that she couldnt because of long distance charges LOL. I then told her I needed to meet with her before hand and she sd that she couldnt because she was in Mexico, after all that I told her that all spaces were full and never heard back again!

    Keep an eye out everyone never ever give any personal information out and if you ever have someone saying Ill send you a Money Order or Money Transfer or even cheque do not fall for it, as they would want you cash the money order or cheque then send them funds back. This is all fraudulent

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    Yes I heard from them too, scam scam scam

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    Mexican Family

    Hello everyone. I am a new addition to this group. I was contacted during the holidays by a canadian family that wants to come back to Toronto from Mexico. They have two childrens and they also send me a photo of their family. I received the money order yesterday from a different person from Richmond VA. I did not deposit the money yet and he just emailed me today asking to cash the money order immediately. He also asked me to return some of the funds for his move.

    I want to thank you all for giving me a heads up. That would have cost me a lot.

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    They are contacting me for the past 2 weeks. I just received an email today from them. The cheque came in last friday.


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    Never ever book a family into your daycare without meeting them first. This will keep you from being scammed

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    Thank you all for posting about this scam. I received that email last week, and immediately knew something was wrong so I checked daycarebear in case it hapened before and I find this... So grateful you shared. They said they are Canadian abroad who want to come back, wire transfers, change of plans, too many questions, avoiding my registration questionnaire, a fake family picture... Oh they are so mean!!

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    I was also contacted and informed them that I would definitely send the money back once the funds had cleared my bank. Was told not to worry as they had found alternate care.

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    I received a similar email and just deleted it. It's not something I even gave a second thought to. An obvious scam and not worth my energy. There is always some form of scam/spam email going around and they are always just a slight variation of each other so they really are super obvious to spot.

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