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    Just wish to share with all another scam that came through to me a day ago .... I did not at first feel it to be a scam I guess I let my guard down because they family said they were from Liverpool England and I have friends living there..Anyways it is a Scam *BEWARE PROVIDERS OUT THERE* ...Tim Lords <timlords@yahoo.co m>
    Nov 10 (1 day ago)

    to me

    I'm Nancy and my husband is Tim Lords from Liverpool, United Kingdom ,we will be coming to your area in ON, for 3weeks Vacation / Missionary trip from 9th Dec 24th Dec 2015.we will be coming with our 2year old baby boy (Paul) and your service will be needed to babysit Paul on a daily basis for 2weeks just for 5hours daily ,between 10am-2pm from Monday - Friday of every week 2weeks which will make it 15days service and we may extend depending on how our vacation goes .

    We have read through your profile and we see you are the perfect match for the kind of baby sitter we want to take care of my baby for us .Paul is our only child and we will need you to take proper care of him for us because he is all we've got and we are proud of him and always grateful to God for giving us such bundle of joy,he is a baby you would always want to be with even after your service as the sitter expires because he is friendly and always happy whenever he is among his peer groups.

    We will like to know if you will be able to offer this service, If yes kindly get back with your quote for the service ,duration as specified.

    Nancy Lords

    And after I replied back this was sent.... Greetings In the name of the lord,

    Thanks so much for your response, we are so pleased to read from you and hopefully you will be the great care giver we seek for our son. Your charges is so much flexible and very okay by us , we would so much appreciate it if you could get back with the quote for the 15 days service. We understand your reason for willing to speak over the phone and that is not a problem to
    us in anyway . Kindly get back with the full quote and also your direct cell number number so that we can call you later tonight .

    Till we read from you again .
    Remain blessed in the Lord
    Tim and Nancy

    Tim Lords
    7:00 AM (10 hours ago)

    to me
    Also you can give us a call at around 4pm your time ..




    Warm regards,


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    Hello everyone I am not sure how to post a new link so I am adding to these posts...I received Nov 19th another *SCAM FROM THESE GUYS ... * BEWARE ALL DAYCARE PROVIDERS * ... Get back to me as soon as possible!!!!

    Peggy Hopkins
    7:21 AM (54 minutes ago)

    to me
    Hello ,
    Good to hear from you...and thanks for the interest you showed...About my daughter Grace, She is the only child I have, I will be coming over to your area by next weeks from the state for a workshop which will last for 3 weeks but will be there in Canada for a year so, the job is a year job okay. you will work for me for a year. I will be Lodging in an hotel around your area for my stay and later after the workshop move to an apt which i will rent...i will need your service for my daughter once am in the hotel and after i leave there for my apt which i will stay after the workshop. i will let you know the hotel once am through with my traveling arrangement... Well, the Job is $500 weekly all for 8:30am to 1:30pm or 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Possibly additional day. You can get back with a most convenient time for yourself... Regards to your payment, my mode of payment will be by check and you will be receiving it before my arrival. i will contact you with the exact date of arrival so you can start NANNY immediately without any delay. I will like to inform you that the payment will be in "EXCESS" so you can deduct a week payment upfront from it; and a compensation fee of $50 for your run around from your home to the hotel i will be...(i.e for your transportation). So, when you get the payment and deduct your a week upfront payment from it, the excess payment will have to be sent to my travel agent so that he can make necessary arrangements for my travel documents to get ready. I will disclose his information to you once payment is made to you. I will get back to you once i hear from him. so you will have to provide me with the below information if you are interested so I can forward it to my secretary to issue out the payment to you:

    Postal Code:
    Cell NUMBER:

    pls, let me know if you accept this offer or not...if not, so i can get someone who will work for me before my arrival...pls, reply is very urgent.I will wait to hear from you soon...
    Best Regards

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    This was first email I received and did not have good feeling but replied and then this morning they sent above email ...
    Peggy Hopkins <peggyhopkin0101@gma il.com>
    Nov 19 (2 days ago)

    to me
    Hi, i'm in need of a babysitter/nanny for my 3 yrs old daughter. I need a caring and a baby lover to take this position for my daughter

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    Sep 2016
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    Hi. It is so sad that this kind of criminals have access to our homes through their emails. Please, please. Do not send any money if you can and you're responding to them tell then that you're already filing a report with the police. You'll see how that will scare them. Now with all the technology they can be tracked. They do not have heart they belon to crime organized groups. And most likely they do not work alone. They also know, how to use technology.

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    This is a spam, and it is better if you don't reply

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