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Thread: Subsidy Letter

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    Subsidy Letter

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about the subsidy process.
    We received a letter from Toronto Children Services comfirming that my kids are on the waiting list. In that letter they say the list of requirements is attached, but there is nothing attached, there was only one page in the envelope.... Does anyone know what's in the attachment? Do you have one so I can at least see the requirements? Please...

    The other question is, how long is the stretch of time that we have from the moment we receive the confirmation letter and the moment we are called to go to the interview with documents? Any experience?. I ask this because I am not working right now because I can not afford a daycare with my income, and my Mom can not give me a hand right now, so I'm planning on getting a job or register in a course as soon as I receive the interview letter... Just need to make sure I'll have enough time... Any experience?

    I really appreciate any opinion.

    Thanks you in advance
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