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    I need an anti scald device for bathroom sink~any suggestions?

    Hi everyone! My inspection was yesterday and the licensing officer says my hot water temp on my bathroom sink is too high. I have already lowered it to as low as it will go, so she said I will need to put an anti scald device on it to lower the temperature. Does any one have any suggestions on what would work, brands, etc? Thanks in advance.

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    I've never heard of those however my daycare is separate from my home so I just removed the hot water tap in the bathroom, problem solved.

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    Call a plumber or a plumbing supply store

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    Have you turned down the temperature in your hot water tank? That's what i did. I use certain faucets from Moen that protect from sudden surges of temperature and pressure due to the water being used somewhere else in the house. Not sure that those would have an anti-scald device built in, they might...anyhow i got those at Home depot.

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    All homes built within the last 7 years on Ontario have a device that is welded above the hot water tank called a thermostatic mixing valve. It further reduces the water temp from your tank by adding a bigger mix of cold water to the taps. We just had to replace ours, as it broke. You can get them at Home depot($60-$90) depending on the brand. We got the Honeywell at $88 and it works great. You will need someone who can weld it to the pipes above the water heater in 3 different places. My hubby is handy, so he did it, but if not, call a plumber.

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    be careful not to turn your water heater too low! There is a health risk involved if the water isn't hot enough. I can't remember what disease is involved but I had a service person inform me of it a couple of years ago.

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