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    Question Has anyone had any luck with reversible tubes?

    Hello my name is Chiyo. I'm 32 mother of three well two now. I have a son 3.5, daughter 2 and would of had a son who would be 1.

    I had my tubes cut last year nov 20 2012 during a c section of my premature son Kenji as I had two children of my own and we had our one.

    20 days later my son Kenji passed away due to n.e.c

    I am now with someone else as my partner and I broke up after the death of our son to hard to stay together and him father my kids when his son died, were good friends but we both have moved on.

    My partner is younger then me and at some point will want children of his own.

    My question is has anyone has success with re attachment of tubes? Or a good dr who deals with re attachment as well as in-vitro

    I'm not rushing to have another baby as I want to get married before that happens but I know re attachment takes time to heal and being 32 going on 33 times ticking somewhat for kids.

    Please message me private if you do not want to public share as this is personal question and not everyone may want there story.

    I explained mine as to give a background to my question and why.


    Chiyo t

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    I had my tubes tied after our second son because my husband and I felt weren't well another have another baby. 10 years after that I had my tubligation reversal in May. I didn't have a very good change of getting pregnant from either ovary, and a high probability it would not be a viable pregnancy and would need to be terminated. I wanted the chance. In September on the same year I went to the fertility clinic cause I thought I was pregnant. He said no, no, it's probably not that but we'll do a vaginal ultrasound. Yup, I was pregnant. 5 weeks, and didn't need to be terminated. The pregnancy went fantastic. The delivery was my best. I was extremely lucky though. It could have went wrong very easily.

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