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    Gender idenity issues

    I know there was a post a while back about this that caused drama. I found an article that I found very informative that may be able to help us understand other perspectives.

    Please remember to be kind and understanding.


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    That's a very complicated and interesting topic. Being a Christian, I don't agree with things like gay marriage, but I'm not the judge and I have a friend who is gay and he knows I'm not. There are people who, for one reason or another, have a body and mind that don't mix. It's very interesting when a baby develops with interests of the gender their body isn't. Makes me wonder if their living conditions have any part in it, or if it is something that can't be controlled. I don't know what I would do if I had a child that seemed to want to be the opposite gender. For most of their life, it would be much easier on them to live as who they feel like, but then what happens when they get older and start dating? He has female body parts, falls in love with a woman, uh oh. Unless it was explained earlier that he has the wrong body, that relationship is done. They can do sex change operations now, but not too many can afford that.

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    Thanks for the article! It was an interesting read. I find gender identity interesting and I definitely think it is real. I am glad to read about parents who embrace it and support their child no matter what and help them to navigate through life trying to figure it all out!! I can't even imagine the confusion it must bring for the poor child!

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    interesting info!
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