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    Question New provider - How to have references

    If soemone is a new provider opening up a centre,has all the background check CPR,first aid, police clearance, lesson plan,etc

    But has never had a daycare before how would they be able to give references?

    I am opening up a centre in June or July. I have two children of my own taking courses and in process of finishing my e.c.e

    I have a friend who does runs. Daycare so planning on getting allot of hours of training so I have some reference but as a parent choosing a provider how can I give the best info to parents if I'm a new centre?

    As a parent would you go with a provider who is just opening up a centre for first time?

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    Every daycare center and daycare provider was new at the start. For references, pretty much have to do what I'll be doing. Give personal references at first. You will have an obvious advantage over me, 2 to be exact. A daycare provider reference, and being a woman. I don't see you having trouble getting started, as long as there is need in the area.

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    When I first started out, I used the parents/families of kids that I used to babysit as a teen (and even into my twenties) as references. I cared for a few families long term, like 8 yrs for one, 4 yrs for another for example. They had a lot of nice things to say. I also used my previous employer who wrote a reference letter for me when I was laid off and looking for new work. I include that because he said stuff like 'she is a self starter, works well alone, pleasure to work with, etc. I had friends/family's names and numbers to use as personal references. Now that I am in my third yr of business, I use current families as references, and I include the letters

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    I'm glad that you asked this question, I've been wondering about this too.
    I babysat for 7 or 8 years, but that was over a decade ago. I'm hoping to use my sister as a reference, since I've babysat her kids, but only a few times.
    As a parent, I would use a daycare just starting out. I think as long as you have references from anyone, not necessarily child care then it's still good.

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    Professional references like from your dentist or doctor or lawyer who can say they have known you (and your family) for x years and have enjoyed a good professional relationship and they could say how much they like having you as a client/patient.
    Also, having your police check, cpr and making sure you have a safe well thought out daycare environment also shows that you are a person who is taking this business seriously and has an eye for detail and place safety as a top priority. All these put together add to a positive and trusting impression for a potential client.

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    Also, if you have time...gain some volunteer experience (schools, churches, before & after school programs). A great place to gain references (& new work experience).
    Children are great imitators.
    So give them something great to imitate.


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