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    I have had many cloth diaper kids in my daycare and I LOVE them! In the beginning I was dumping and flushing the liners as well, but I did find they clogged my toilet and it was extra work. So I changed my policy and it is now no more work than disposables and I get to send them home at the end of the day so they don't add to my gigantic pail of stiny diapers. I have almost never had a problem with leaking at naptime and I have never seen a need for disposables at naptime. I did have one child who was using the diaper service ones and they leaked a bit, but all of the others I have had have been fine as long as parents take care of them properly. If they start leaking then the parents have to add absorbency. If you do a lot of outings, this is really the only time there is much of a difference because you have to have a wetbag with you and carry the dirty diaper back home. Otherwise, I would love it if all my dck's wore cloth! I am okay with cloth wipes as well...I just wet a pile of them in the morning and put them in a wipes box and then use them the same as I would regular wipes.

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    I had a call like this a few months ago. The mom wanted to meet with me about daycare and asked about my policy on cloth diapers. I had never really given it much thought so I did a lot of research online and on this forum...wrote a whole policy on cloth diapers and waited for the interview.

    The lady stood me up.

    To this day I don't know if it was just another daycare calling me to see whether I had a policy on cloth diapers or whether the mom was a total flake.

    In retrospect...I am relieved I never had to go the cloth diaper route yet. There are a lot of things to consider. Good luck with your decision

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    I used cloth for my first 4 children !!! Loved them !!!! By the time the 5 th came I went with disposable ! I don't know if I would be ok with them in my dayhome , but prob would if asked !!!

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    Thanks everyone for your reply's. Feedback was very, very helpful. I feel very confident Hopefully, she will be reasonable and do her part. Wish me Luck !!

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    You gave me a great idea...as the boy I am taking care of is on cloth diaper and specially during nap times (max 2 hrs) the pack and play gets wet and it needs cleaning often. I think the parents should be ready to provide disposable diapers during nap times if I were to ask. Thank you..

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    I offer a cloth diaper service for $2.50 per day. I love them.
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    Wow, cloth diapering is HUGE here - and we wouldn't get away with it being an additional charge. Speaking to other providers we all accept cloth diaper and most of us have 50% of our kids in them. It's rarer NOT to have a cloth diapered child in the mix than it is to have them.

    Most of us require a wet bag for the worn diapers. And that is either stored in the child's cubby or outside on the deck (carer dependant). Most of us don't dump and flush. We seem to all treat the cloth diapers the same way we would disposables, in the sense it's used, content wrapped and that's as far as we go with the care of the diapers.

    Most carer's prefer them as it means less in the garbage and here, we have strict limits about the volume of garbage we can put out on collection days. Personally I don't like them but won't refuse them.

    For me, I admit to unfair biased against them due to one child who just smelled of urine all the time. From the day he came, this aroma lingered around him. Changing him, it was 10 times worse. He's clean diapers looked spotless but his diaper bag, his spare clothes, everything held this smell, Couldn't wait to toilet train him. It's only ever been the one child but it has deterred me.

    The other thing I don't like is the snaps - might sound petty but I have arthritis very mildly in my hands so the cloth diapers make that more painful. Yes, I know velcro cloth diapers are available but no one seems to wear those and parents seem reluctant to have special diapers for day care and others at home.

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    For myself I say no to cloth diapers. I don't have room for bags of cloth diapers nor do I want the smell and possibility of leaking, not that disposables are foolproof. Disposables only here. I know I have missed out on some families because of it but so be it.

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    Is there any use of diaper pail? I've read in this source that some families use this as a number one spot in their houses. I think I'd put one.
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    I only have one DCK with cloth diapers who usually had runny/lose stools. It was a nightmare. She leaked some times. I have to disinfect the whole area every time. After that, I just told the parents that they could still be doing the cloth diapers at home and disposables just for daycare hours. I had a couple of families that did this. The smell of old pee during diaper change was also a turn off. I guess the disposable diapers adsorb odors too.
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