I have had many cloth diaper kids in my daycare and I LOVE them! In the beginning I was dumping and flushing the liners as well, but I did find they clogged my toilet and it was extra work. So I changed my policy and it is now no more work than disposables and I get to send them home at the end of the day so they don't add to my gigantic pail of stiny diapers. I have almost never had a problem with leaking at naptime and I have never seen a need for disposables at naptime. I did have one child who was using the diaper service ones and they leaked a bit, but all of the others I have had have been fine as long as parents take care of them properly. If they start leaking then the parents have to add absorbency. If you do a lot of outings, this is really the only time there is much of a difference because you have to have a wetbag with you and carry the dirty diaper back home. Otherwise, I would love it if all my dck's wore cloth! I am okay with cloth wipes as well...I just wet a pile of them in the morning and put them in a wipes box and then use them the same as I would regular wipes.