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Thread: Frugal Tips

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    Frugal Tips

    How do you save money on daycare or family expenses? Thought we could share the ways that we reduce our expenses and help each other out!
    -I price match every week. I know the prices of the foods that I buy regularly and stock up when they are at the lowest price. It took me about 6 months to learn that everything goes on sale and that it is often cyclical (ex. never pay more that $4 for cheese or $2.88/lb for ground beef).
    -I cook mostly everything from scratch. It takes time but I usually do it while I am working and when possible I get the kids involved - they LOVE it and so do the parents! It also helps them to try food they wouldn't ordinarily eat because they take pride in making it!
    - I switched my daily banking to PC financial (no fees and points for groceries) and I only shop at Loblaws or Superstore for groceries.
    -I turn the lights off in rooms that we aren't using.
    - I buy only the fruits and vegetables that are on sale and learn how to cook/prepare snacks with them.
    - I don't buy expensive craft material. There is a lot you can do with water!
    - I don't buy expensive art smocks - I use my oldest son's old t-shirts - the kids love that they are wearing his clothes and I have saved money.
    - I only serve water (unlimited) and one cup of milk per day - this is for nutritional reasons but works out to be cost effective too!
    - I have joined some local freecycle groups and look for items that I may need for my home or daycare there before spending money.
    - I only buy used books for the daycare (value village, garage sales, etc.)
    - I cook in bulk and freeze portions - hinders me from ordering take-out when I don't want to cook or feel that we have 'nothing' to eat.


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    I do much of what you do. Meal planning and bulk cooking and freezing, etc.

    I follow many of the tips on mrsjanuary.com for couponing, rebates, checkout51, etc.

    I use Swagbucks.com and earn Amazon.ca gift cards.

    I follow Gail Vazoxlades's website as well for budget and financial advice.

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    I do most of what you do...

    -price match, coupon, buy what's on sale(I literally almost never buy something unless it's on sale)...this also helps give the menu a variety of fruit and veggies
    -cook in bulk and freeze
    -buy toys from a local website classifieds, fb swap and shop pages, yard sales
    -buy art supplies from the same as above and dollar stores or on sale at walmart/micheals
    -buy gifts all year round for birthday/holidays/goody bags

    My goal this year is to actually stop doing some of this and spend more money throughout the year so that I don't have to pay so much at income tax time though. I still coupon a bit for us but no more for the daycare.
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    I get lots of books from the library.

    I do a weekly lunch and dinner plan for my family and don't buy more groceries unless we really need them.

    I pay for almost everything with my airmiles credit card, and then earn $20 worn of free gas pretty much every month (and I ALWAYS pay it off every month).

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    I do the same as most of you:

    -shop only sales and stock up on good sales
    -big couponer
    -turn of lights when not in the room
    -turn down the heat when we leave the house for more then an hour
    -HUGE fan of the library
    -buy craft supplies when discounted/on sale when I can
    -only run dishwasher and washer/dryer on off peak hours
    -buy daycare equipment second hand when I can
    -lots of homecooked meals in large portions for leftovers (used for daycare or hubbys lunches)
    -get cash back when shopping through CO51

    I am sure that there is more, but my brain is on Friday mode.

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    Happy to report that I do all of the above too...can't tell what a savings on budget and stress simply planning a weekly or monthly family Menu has been. I still tweak the menu if I see something on sale (& then usually make a bunch of meals ahead...love the Glad freezer to oven storage containers for that!). And I save my reward miles for vacation time...last vacation (Florida @ Christmas) our hotels were completely free with rewards...yay!! I have cut way back on take home crafts this year (1 a week max....often only 1 every 2 weeks). Also, I give them as much lunch as they wish, but where snacks are concerned I portion out and that's it...find they eat much better @ lunch now (& @ dinner for parents). Also scaled back on presents this year; I still do a small birthday gift (book and educational toy @ $15 budget), Christmas Gift ($10/child budget), and a have a great summer bucket (dollar store stuff) for my year end in June (I have summers off. I scour end of season sales and buy lots of the gifts ahead..70% off @ Michaels was a good one for me this year...way under gift budget this year.
    Children are great imitators.
    So give them something great to imitate.


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    Another way I save is by making my own cleaning supplies - baking soda and vinegar are awesome!

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    @dreamalittledream - I don't shop at Michael's much but notice that there is a 50% off coupon in their flyer every week!
    I also use CO51 although haven't accumulated enough $ to receive a check yet.

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    i haven't used swagbucks discoveries - will look into it this afternoon!

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    How does swag bucks work?

    I use ebates for my online shopping and try and find coupon codes for my online shopping. I am not much of a couponer though--- I am not that organized and it seems so overwhelming.

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