So I'm due in 4 weeks with baby #2.. Hubby and I live in Alberta, all of our family live back home in BC. I do have a couple friends I can count in to help but they have there own little ones..

So hubby and I have talked about considering hiring a mothers helper. I'm thinking every morning until noon. So the hours would be roughly 7am-1-1:30 pm..

And it would be only for the care of my toddler. Taking him out to do activities, keeping him company at the house ect ect, while we all adjust to having the new baby and getting into a routine.

If we lived near family and had family help, we wouldn't even considered this but since we don't, we thought it might be a good idea. Especially since the hubs works such long hours 6-6:30..

Can anyone suggest or offer any advice on this.. How much to pay ect ect.. I want it to be fair, but also keep in mind that the helper would only be responsible for my toddler, no dishes or cleaning or bathing