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    Homemade Wipes...thoughts?

    Re: Mealtime clean up...I've tried using washcloths but not happy with that (find they get smelly, stained and not so nice looking)...& the resulting laundry. Would like to try to make homemade wipes.
    Found this recipe...

    Just wondering if anyone has tried them in a daycare setting?
    Children are great imitators.
    So give them something great to imitate.


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    I think it's a great idea but wasteful at the same time. I buy washcloths from kushies, the factory is around the corner from me and in the outlet store I get 10 cloths for 2 dollars. To combat the smell which is awful, I have a bucket with a bit of water and white vinegar in it that I dump the dirty ones into until they go into the washer. This kills the bacteria that cause the stench. As for laundry, we'll they are teeny tiny so just get put in with my other stuff. Really is a non issue. I would not use bounty as the manufacturer uses harsh chemicals to get the paper product white. I rarely even buy paper towels as I think they are a huge waste of money. If I do, it is to help keep my loose leaf lettuce crisp in the fridge when I have an abundance of it from the garden in summer. I always make sure to buy the brown paper towel which hasn't been bleached or had other harsh chemicals used to make it white.

    I am sure if we were to look into what baby wipes are made of then they are sure to be full of awful things, it's kind of a no brainer that they are to be honest, but so are paper towels. They are not meant for wiping such new and gentle babies skin. From a money saving perspective though I think they are good and with some research and tweaking you could make a fantastic homemade wipe. I bet with a little practice, you could make a biodegradable homemade wipe too which would be good all around Thanks for sharing.

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    I like the idea of it but, honestly, Bounty papertowels can be pretty expensive and if I compare the cost of the papertowels to what I pay for the big box of wipes from Walmart ( I think there are 8 packs of 80 wipes) I think it might be cheaper to just buy the wipes. The carton of wipes from Walmart are around $11 when I sale. I'm thinking that to get that many wipes out of a Bounty pack might actually cost me more.

    I don't know, just my thoughts.

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    I tried homemade wipes years ago with my own son.... switched to cloth wipes pretty quick. Maybe paper towel brand will make a difference (i sure wasn't using name brands) but I found they fell apart.

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    If not using wash cloths a combo of paper towels and wipes works the best - use the pick a size kind so you are only a half sheet or so then wipe most of the mess off child. Then finish up with a wipe meaning you will likely need only one of each.

    I use wash clothes - one per day per child and then collect and do a tub of laundry with bleach.

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