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    As another idea: she should contact the university's dept of education and ask them directly. What are they looking for in applicants? That would give her more info than I could

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    As many others have said Primary-Junior does not require a specialization like high school level. Here in Ontario the focus remains Math and Language in the school boards so having courses in those could be helpful.

    What program is she trying to get into most teaching programs require a university degree before entering a teaching degree. If this is the case then she needs to think about what degree she plans to take. I took Psychology which is quite helpful in teaching elementary school. But, a degree in Art or anything can get you into the teaching program. I did find most students in my program came with random degrees and many quite very quickly because their degree was not related to teaching, they had no experience with children but rather had a random degree and no job lined up and many people suggested becoming a teacher to get their summer's off. They soon realized that yes the summers are off but the other 10months of the year are hard work and quit before finishing their degree.

    If she is on a concurrent education program then she may need to have certain courses to aid in that.

    I would choose a course that is of interest (higher grades) but is not a complete fluff course and something that can be built upon later (general math or language). In Ontario there are AQ courses (additional qualification) courses teacher take through the university's once you are a teacher that help teachers broaden their skills and become more 'hirable'. She can use those AQ courses to expand her 'arts' interests and it will help her move up in the pay scale and be attractive to certain principals. But, it's really a crap shoot...some principals want the artsy teachers some want strong math and language some what special needs etc. It's hard to know which basket to put your eggs into.

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    thanks, I knew you guys would help out. Way better than the guidence counsler at school. Who the heck tells kids to take whatever you want. She also says that dd should take co op, but we live in the country where there are no busses. As for volunteer works, my dd is involved in girl guides, she's a lifeguard this summer, she makes baby hats for a organization and who knows what else she does.

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    In addition to the courses mentioned above, it is very important that she start volunteering in childcare/teaching environments now! I have a BA with a GPA which was the equivalent of an A. I received a scholarship to do my MA but did not get into teacher's college. As a single mother who had three jobs while going to school, I had no time to work if I wasn't getting paid for it.
    Primary education is very competitive so anything she can do to increase her chances is essential.

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    I have a BEd up to grade 8

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