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    Opening a daycare section

    I think "opening a daycare" section should be separated into 2 categories. "Opening an at home daycare" and "opening a daycare centre".

    The two business models are quite different so it would be nice to have the two categories as separate threads.


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    Just go ahead and start a thread if you want but make the title clear as in make it say daycare centre. You will find that most people on this forum are home based daycare providers though. A centre has rules from their province that govern every aspect of their existence and vary by province. Things are a lot less specific for home care and that is one of the reasons for this forum is to share how to deal with the things that are not spelled out.

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    Hi Kev12345 !

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to submit your suggestion ! I completly understand your point; home daycares are indeed different from daycare centres. However, since we don't have that many users interested in opening a daycare centre on the forum, I think, as playfelt suggested, that we can simply clearly identify in our titles the focus of each thread, instead of creating two separate sections (the daycare centre one would be really small). I'm eager however to see if other members have the same request; I'll surely revisit my position if they do

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