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Thread: Wwyd?

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    During the interview process do you discuss Bill 143 and the fact that should it pass in its current state that you may need to let some clients go? Sadly, most new parents have no clue about Bill 143 and how it will affect parents and daycare providers.

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    Absolutely not. We don't know what will happen so wait and see.

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    Nope. I have 5 under 15months. If it happens right away I`ll be losing almost all. I hold up hope that like most other political moves this is drag out and the kids will be 2 before it is in effect.

    Some parents knew about it when they came through for interviews. I had them write letters and they took comfort when I pointed out that it would likely take time and that they would hopefully grandfather the kids or something.

    Businesses don`t do things to hinder their business. Car dealers don`t sell the car saying odds are there will be a recall for something on this car in the future. We are a business. It sucks our business is families and should something come into play we are directly impacting families who will struggle. But, that is the governments decision not ours.

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    I wouldn't say anything until everything is all ironed out !

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