First of all Happy Friday!

This weekend I will be adding a little kitchenette in my dc room. When I bought the house in October I thought I would be able to bring the kids up to the dining room while I prepare lunch, and we would eat up there as well. However my dining room has been taken over with dc stuff and I like to keep my living space separate.

I just bought a used ikea kitchen which has 3 base cabinets, 3 uppers and also comes with the counter top sink and faucet. I paid $150, it's in great condition. I'm planning in placing the kitchen under a window.....I would like to cook down there but I will not be installing a stove. I'm thinking about using all electrical cooking appliances. I have a electric skillet, toaster oven, electric griddle and I'm thinking about getting a double electric burner unit.

I should also mention I will not have running water in the kitchen. The laundry room is close, and I will have a water cooler in the area. My husband is handy and said he would magiver something together where I can fill the sink and it could drain in a water container which I can dump.

Does anyone have a similar set up who can offer me some input, advice? I'm really looking forward to this at it will help out a lot.