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    I charge full fees if a family wants to hold a spot. I have had two families do this since I opened last spring, one was someone holding a spot for their baby while they sent their older child during a maternity leave. The other was for a school age spot. But here in Winnipeg there is high demand and I am licensed and accept subsidy so my spots would be worth paying to hold onto. I think supply and demand really affect how you would handle this situation.

    The families were welcome to send their child if they wanted to during that time if they wanted, as it was technically their spot. But the days had to be prearranged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha33 View Post
    So when a Mom goes on mat leave and they want to keep the spot they pay me 3 days a week. So would this be like a holiday fee? They can use them or not but they all do.
    It is similar yes. My holiday fee is for any days that they keep their child at home and have told me this before payment is due. Once payment is due, if they keep their child home for any reason they have already paid the full day's fee because I get paid in advance.

    If a parent is paying me the holiday fee for an extended amount of time and I find someone else to fill the spot than I wouldn't charge the holiday fee as I don't feel right getting paid twice for one spot. (this would be more for summers and mat leaves)

    Hope that all makes sense! lol

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