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Thread: Maternity leave

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    Maternity leave

    What policies do you put into effect if one of your DCM is having a baby. Do you still charge them something to hold not only the one spot but the second spot for the new baby. How many days do you charge them for and have you ever had anyone who refused to do this and how did you handle it.

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    That's a good question. I can't imagine having to hold a spot let alone two spots for a whole year! That's a long time. I'm interested in seeing what others have done. For me personally, I wouldn't just because that's a lot of money lost. If the spot is still open when their mat leave is over then it is, and if it's not it's not.

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    I have two moms currently on mat leave and one just finished in nov .... The one that finished in nov kept the older child in full time for three months after the new baby was born and then did alternating weeks of three days and two days ..... I have a spot opening up for sept and they were supposed to start after thanksgiving but at the last minute changed it to mid nov I was rather ticked but whatever .... The next one is a school teacher and she pays for part time during the summers anyway so she kept the older child in full time for 5 months after the new baby was born and is now on 3 days/week at my part time fee and new baby starts integrating this summer after the civic then my most recent one says she is going to keep him in full time for her entire mat leave as the price difference not that significant and while she doesn't plan on bringing him every day it gives her the option ..... I love that choice as I like the full time fees ....
    It has just worked out that I always had a space opening up right around the same time the new baby was to start.

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    I would have to charge full time fees to hold a spot. I have a mum who is expecting in Sept and asked about a holding fee to keep her 1 yr old's spot and a spot for the new baby. It worked out that 2 of my DCK will be leaving to start primary when she will want the baby to start so I told her as long as those kids don't leave before then, that their 2 spots will be hers. If that doesn't work out I will need to charge her full fees for the spaces. I just can't afford to have a full time space empty and be getting part-time fees for it.

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