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    Mothers Day Craft

    Okay, so I need your ladies opinions. My C-section is coming up soon and I will have 2 weeks off. However, looking at the calendar, I noticed that Mothers Day is the day before I reopen the daycare (open on the 12th, Mothers Day is the 11th). So my question is, should I send home the special craft 2 weeks early, wrap it and stick a note on it not to open until the 11th, or should I send them home on the 12th? What do you think?

    I think regardless, I will have them finish the crafts before my time off, just so that first day back with the newborn is not rush rush rush.

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    I probably wouldn't have bothered doing one since you won't be open but it sounds like you already have plans to do this. Send it home before so the parents know you are thinking of them and then you also look super organized!

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    I like your thinking torontokids...lol. I thought that Mothers Day was the weekend after I returned so, yes, I had done a bit of planning. But mommy/preggers brains had gotten me thrown off.

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    Honestly? I think its okay to focus your energy more on yourself and your newborn rather than doing this. I think its lovely that you would think of these mothers, but this is the time for the dads/husbands to take responsibility for Mothers day, not you. You are not open the couple of weeks prior to the day and you are not open the day of. Not for vacation but because you will be giving birth to your child. You are already taking an insanely short time off and the families should just be greatful of that. If you keep doing things like this, you are just setting yourself up with these parents who will have this high expectation of you which wont leave any room for down days when you just aren't able to live up to these standards. It's okay to have downtime, and in your case, for very good cause. IMO I would scrap the idea of doing this and better invest my time and energy to my families needs at this time.

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    I agree with Bright Sparks. Let your mothers day gift be that you are only taking two weeks off!!!!
    Wishing you well!

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