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Thread: GSO...cfred

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    Hey...I don't know how far you are from Stayner but we have a family friend with a hobby farm and their son(11) sells eggs. $3 a dozen.

    p.s. I think you're a riot!!! Ha ha!

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    I had to look Stayner up...I'd heard of it but have never actually been there. It's a bit of a hike from Newmarket. Thanks for the info though. It's exactly what I'm looking for....if only it was a bit closer. It's actually blasphemous for me to even discuss looking for a place to buy eggs. I grew up on a chicken farm so get my eggs for free. My father would be horrified! It's still a small farm, but chickens are still stuffed into teeny cages. I've always struggled with that. Sooooo, I'll just get few from him, claim that we eat them less and make my purchases on the down low If only I lived in NZ where every bit of food was the most wondrous thing I'd ever eaten. I even loved the McDonald's McCafe there....sigh.....

    Some say a riot, some say bitchy...either works for me. Another provider and I were talking about you recently over a glass of wine....all good. She couldn't get over the fact that I was cfred...funny when you take the anonymity out of the equation.
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