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    Toy Truck Recommendations?

    My younger daughter is turning 2 soon and we want to get her a truck for a present, but we are finding the choices (and price tags!!) kind of overwhelming.

    So I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a brand or particular truck that you think was well made and got lots of play time. My daughter loves school buses, fire trucks, gargage trucks, all of it!

    I am also thinking of getting one of those big Tonka dump trucks and putting her birthday cake in the back of the truck.

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    I have a little tikes green pick up truck. All my dc kids love it. It's a tough sturdy truck and the kids love to fill the it with little people and toys in the back.

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    They have the green toys brand at winners and home sense fairly often, that can help the wallet a bit!

    Honestly, my kids have never not enjoyed a truck they received. The newest ones they like are Cat brand (like the heavy machinery, yellow), and the megablocks bus and tractor. The mega blocks ones have little tops that open up, lately they'll put little cars in it and play 'car family'

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    Either the little tykes or fisherprice yellow buses are favourites here. The house opens up such that they can go around in a circle from room to room and they push those ones several kilometers a day.

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    I wish had some info but unfortunately my dck have never really played with trucks except for the Little tykes bus once in a while.

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    I would look for a truck that has somewhere that they can put their hand on it to push around (like a handle). Does that make sense?

    My 2s like those sort of trucks the best. I think because they can get a good grip on it and then crawl around and push it. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of zooming cars flying around the room.

    I have a one plastic little people school bus and a few wooden ones that get used a lot.

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