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    Has anyone had success running daycare during the school year, closing for summer?

    I am curious about changing my daycare over to a school year based daycare, where I would be closed in the summer. I would love to hear about any kind of feedback both positive and negative from those who have attempted this. I find that from time to time, trying to fill summer spots is very difficult. Any suggestions or comments on your own experiences would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    I don't do this but some daycare's specialize in having teacher's kids only. It would also mean closing at Christmas and March Break. Your clientele would be more specific so it might take you longer to fill your spots but depending on your location and the demand some have done really well.

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    This is exactly what I do. Sorry, but I can't tell you any negative aspects of this! I close all summer, two weeks at Christmas and March Break. I have never had any trouble filling spots...in fact I have never not had a waiting list. Usually they are teachers' kids, but have had a couple of exceptions over the years with people just willing to find solutions for these weeks. I am open on PD Days, since teachers work. Which also means that I end in June after the students and obviously begin after the summer before the students. I advertise how I run and the perk for the parents is that they don't pay and don't lose their spot.
    To change to that might be more of a challenge, since it may not work for people already with you. I opened under those conditions from day 1. So, I can see issues changing now, but if you can and it all works out for you....why not?
    On a personal level, I do this since my husband is a teacher and there is no way that he wants a house full of kids during the summer and there is no way that I can work with him around, nor do I want to miss out on all the fun he and the kids have all summer long. Financially, it isn't easy, but our priorities are time before money....
    Good luck. Let me know if I left anything unanswered... May I ask what province you're in?

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    Thank you so much for your input GCJ. I'm not expecting the easiest of transitions, however, at the moment, a parent of one of the kids I care for is a teacher. I would probably make the adjustments over the next few months, so March Break would be the first major change to my work schedule. I hope that things progress in a positive manner, but I guess I won't know how this will play out until I try it. I appreciate your advice, and it's nice to know that this change is feasible, and can be a successful one. I would definetly enjoy the additional family time with my husband and kids. I am located in Ontario--yourself?
    Thanks again!

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