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    Coud be a quiet summer! o_O

    Hey folks!!
    If there is one thing I have noticed about this business, it is that by nature it is very "ebb and flow". Rarely do providers have the exact same group of children from 10m to 6years. It seems to be a rotation, based on ages, sibling arrivals, etc.

    I have been blessed that, since I reopened full time over a year ago (after taking a year of only part time/occasional clients), I have had a lovely group of parents and kids. With the exception of one, but I guess ya can't win 'em all!! haha

    But obviously, the time has come for a new wave in my dayhome. I have two families (3 kids total) that are done at the end of June (teacher parents). One of them will be back in the fall, and the other will not as she is expecting. Frankly, I cannot wait for the latter to be done. If I had not had an end date in mind, I would have let them go aaaages ago!
    And recently I found out that another long term family will be leaving as well. Mom has decided to stay home with the kids. This one makes me SUPER sad, as I have become very close with this family.

    So- the ad is up, and I am cleaning and reorganizing in anticipation of a fresh round of interviews. *sigh* Maybe my least favorite part?

    On the plus side, based on my current schedule, I will have some very light months in July and August. This would not be terrible, as it will allow me to spend some time with my own kiddos (3 of whom are school aged).

    No advice needed. Just thought I would share that with you all.

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    Enjoy!!! This was exactly me last summer. I had 3 kids leave at the end of June and was only able to fill one spot fairly quickly. I had a very easy summer of only 1-3 kids, most days it was 2. We did LOTS of going out in the vehicle to different parks, splash parks, pools and shopping. It was great and I loved it but my wallet didn't so much haha. My fiance gets summers off due to his job so it's already tight during summer but we managed, survived and had a great summer. I was full again come middle to late August and I quickly missed all my easier days haha.

    Have a great summer!! I hope you fill your spots quickly....or not until you want too!!

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    Yes I'm getting used to not planning on anything staying the same lol which for me is huge !!! I like to plan everything ! Ugh a secret I will share , I buy $ store books and plan different events ! I start 3-6 months in advance ! Ugh I am embarrassed to admit it !
    But this business has taught me a lot about going with the flow !! Minalberta enjoy your summer with your kids ! But you never know how things can change !!!

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    I don't take school age at all including JK/SK so they start FT at 12 months, are usually PT by 24 months as mom is on mat leave and then I get both for a year till older one goes to school. These 2 1/2 year rotations are hard on everyone but mostly on programming because you never really get them to a stage when you can actually do a lot with them because they are either casual or you are again dealing with their baby sibling.

    I will have two on PT this summer and everyone is taking at least 2 weeks vacation so some paid time for me too along with the lower ratios so looking forward to that.

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