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    I currently have a little boy (4 next month) that I am absolutely positive could be "diagnosed" as having ADHD. I can guarantee you that if I attempted to broach this subject with mom, she would brush it off. She does this currently with various behaviours already. Me: So and so was not making very good choices today, he blah blah blah". Mom: "Well, he is 3 you know!" Um, ok. The other 3 year olds seem to be able to control their impulse to throw food at their friends?
    Anyway- they need to be open to hearing it first, as other posters have said. And some parents may never be willing. I think you can bring up the things you have noticed, but avoid using a label at all costs!

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    Hi,I also have a child in dc,which I after alot of research online believe is adhd, i also believe there must be several levels within it. I have no intentions of using that term when i approach the mother with his behavior,however I have prepared a list of concerns i want to bring to her attention,along with stressing the fact when school starts for him, he could have issues, bulling for example Along with the negative I will also offer ideas such as involving this child in martial arts, art, dance and even chess as well as some relaxation techniques.
    This child doesnt learn from previous mistakes well, and will run in circles without stopping to rest. He will bump into objects,his attention span is short, and cannot concentrate for long on quiet activites.
    I have a steady and predictable routine with the kids I talk about changes we will make to him, ie, 2 mins before we leave the sandbox, I am clear and calm about expectations , and will say things like, ...its time to go inside now, rather than ..If you dont come inside right now....instead of saying....stop doing that! .I would say ..you are making it very hard for the others to play when you destroy their toys, I think it makes them sad.I then provide him options, play together nicely or a separate activity.I always encourage and nurture the child's self esteem with positive messages with warmth and praise, and hugs.
    I am by no means a doctor, just a daycare provider , but I felt it my duty to investigate this behavior that he has been displaying for over 8months, he has been in my dc for approx 2yrs now. and I truly want this child to succeed and not fall behind in schoolwork and having friendships suffer,sadly if not taken seriously by his parents, he will experience more failures than success and will or is being criticized by others who dont understand his health problem.

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