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    Opening a new childcare center

    My question is: does anyone know if there is a problem taking care of children privately in a home you do not live in? We have recently purchased a home and we intend to rent out the upstairs, but I was thinking of using the basement suite to care for children instead of renting that space. I previously ran an accredited dayhome from my residence, but due to its location I was only able to get 2 part time children. It was a VERY high quality dayhome and yet parents were still not willing to go out of their way to use my dayhome. The new home is in a much more central area and I would expect more success, however I will not be able to register with an agency as one of the current regulations for licensed family dayhomes is that the home must be the provider's primary living residence. I cant find anything about this in the wishy washy private regulations on the Alberta Gov. website. Edmonton based, Help?

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    I am in Ontario so things may be different but my understanding is that there are things that need to be considered to be able to do run the daycare in a residence that is not your primary residence. I do not know what the rules are and what needs to be done but my understanding is that you need to have more 'things' lined up and different criteria to be met. Home daycare is just that, daycare in your home. Once you are out of your home then I think it is a bit different then home daycare.

    Keep searching for the information you need so you are well informed of the rules in your area.

    Hopefully some of the ladies on here have clear, solid info for you!

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    Opening a new childcare center

    An area that is clean and safe so babies can explore their surroundings...fille d with interesting and stimulating things to explore...set up to promote learning through free play...changed regularly to accommodate the needs of growing infants and toddlers...organized to have distinct eating and diapering areas and set up to be comfortable and practical for adults, allowing them to focus on the children.
    Day care program
    , find child care, quality child care.

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    In Ontario the only rule about having an unlicensed daycare in an area of non-residence is that you can have a maximum of 5 kids (including your own)

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