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Thread: Kids activities

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    Kids activities

    Hi everyone,
    pls can someone tell me what are some of the activities you do with your kids and the activities that kids really love doing and that the parents look for when choosing a dayhome for there kids. i am buying things for my dayhome now and dont really want to get what i dont need

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    Toys that will never go out of style are popular.....building blocks, megablocks, trucks/cars, dolls and accessories, puzzles, balls, little people and accessories, kitchen set with play food....basically anything that encourages the child to use their imagination to play with.

    I personally HATE toys that are battery operated. I find that children just push buttons to see the lights and hear the noises but they don't actually PLAY. I do have a few of these toys because let's face it, they are everywhere now but they are not the bulk of the toys that are available to play with.

    Larger toys that they like are teeter totters, play houses, slides, climbing cubes/structures and the ride on's.

    I think parents look for a variety of toys and want to see that their child won't be bored at daycare but also won't be overwhelmed. Almost every parent is thrilled to hear we do art 3-5x a week so I would say that is something a lot are looking for too.

    One of their favourite things to do is bring out the inside tents, shut off all the lights and they get glowsticks to play with. Super cheap, easy and entertains them for much longer than almost any toy does.

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    thanks alot i really appreciate

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    The kitchenette, shopping cart full of plastic dishes and food, baby buggy full of dolls, rocking toys, basketball net, wooden train set and trains (Ikea), tent, tunnel, millions of cars with a Fisher Price parking garage, pianos and all musical instruments you think of, these are all the favourites here.
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