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    Triple Stroller or big Wagon


    I need some advise as to purchase a triple stroller or wagon. Does anyone use a wagon and how do they find it in the snow? I have a one year old with me... Would a wagon work? I just need it for trips to the park... short walks to the bus.

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    I loathe my triple stroller - Joovy Big Caboose. I can barely move it if any child is in the front seat, even my 15 lber! I can't even imagine how it's going to go when the snow comes. I think I am going to unload it and get a wagon. I have read good things on here about wagons and snow.

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    I would suggest trying to find a triple jogging stroller, and you would have no problem in the snow. I LOVE my double jogging stroller, and use that if we have to go in the snow. IF not, I tie those plastic sleds (for ages up to 2/3, $14 @ Canadian Tire) together, and have a train!

    I have used the wagon in the snow but only if there's little to no snow on the ground.

    Up until recently, I have used my stroller, and tied the wagon to it to walk around - now I have my Choo Choo Wagon (not to be used in the winter).

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    Would a double stoller work with a back pack carrier I have a babytrend side by side that I love, same idea as play and learn but newer. The tires are still big but not huge so it folds flat and fits in the back of my van. How old are the children, When I got mine I had two almost two year olds and a three year old, when the three year old is to slow or tired I just lay one of the seats down and put her behind one of the babies or she sits on the front, the foot rest is large and flat. I would do a lot of research on them before you spend the money if you are only doing short trips I probably wouldn't invest in a triple. It depends on the age and size of your children?

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    I bought a Peg Perego triplette for $200 on craigslist to use when I needed a triple. It cut through the snow without a problem. I recently had a BabyTrend triple too but hated it because the wheels were not good in snow.
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    I also have a Peg Perego Triplette and It's amazing! SO easy to push even if a 3 yr old is in the front. The seats also come out. When I only had two children I took the middle seat out and turned the front seat around so that both kiddies were facing each other. The wheels are huge and the stroller has a great stearing wheel as well. I can't recommend it enough!!

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. It gave me a lot to think about.

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    this is so late reply. but i experience wagon \+ snow = bad. i had wagon last year and it has big wheels, but not big enough for sidewalks, esp. trips to bus stop which the is not plowed by 8:30am.

    what works for me are jogging strollers. If its close like 3 minute walk, a double can work then put the 3rd one in the middle. Did it with my BOB Revolution Duallie, when my son was a year old. His sister just hold him.

    Over snow, Runabout strollers are the best.
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    This thread is creeping me out. My triple stroller and my wagon were both stolen from my outside play area in the past 3 weeks. It's just weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momof4 View Post
    This thread is creeping me out. My triple stroller and my wagon were both stolen from my outside play area in the past 3 weeks. It's just weird.
    Who steals a wagon and stroller? (Not that it's ok to steal anything but...) That's just low!!!
    Children are great imitators.
    So give them something great to imitate.


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