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    Question Want to open a French Immersion Day Camp

    Wasn't sure if this would be allowed in the opening a daycare section.

    I am thinking of starting up a french immersion day camp in my home for the summer. I live in a primarily anglophone area but the local grade school started a french immersion program this past year & I think there would be a demand for something to help the kids "keep" their french & improve their french during the summer. I was thinking of doing half days in the morning from say 8-12 so that the kids would be fresh from a goods night sleep & the heat wouldn't be too bad.

    What do you think, is this a viable idea & if so what would be your suggestions &/or experiences.

    Thank you

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    Do you mean for THIS summer? Because you are incredibly late in getting started seeing as the school year is about, if not already, done.

    Families would have lined up care long ago for their children. You might still find some families...but in my opinion they are often the families doo disorganized to plan ahead (not an ideal family) or families that could not secure care or were kicked out of care with little notice.

    Perhaps it is a bit different for school age children but home daycare is something that takes a LOT of planning and preparation and doesn't just happen overnight. In the least, you need to look at adding daycare insurance to your home.

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    The reason for me being so late in the game is that I wasn't planning on having to do it I thought I was going to be able to get by with just the 2 girls I watch now & maybe the odd extra kid for babysitting. But my hubby's work just isn't cutting it right now & we need to increase our revenue, I will also be offering tutoring services in the afternoons & evenings. I was thinking of offering it as a day by day basis which might help get me some more clients.

    I can throw together a half decent curriculum fairly quickly & modify as we go. This isn't going to be sit down learning this is going to be hands on real life everyday french. French immersion is more about teaching kids to use french in the day to day, so I would be correcting spoken phrases & giving them the right words to use. I will also be doing trips to the park & library. If I get an older group I may also do a morning shopping, showing them the french terms for everything & conversational use of french when making purchases or asking for help.

    I'll contact our insurance provider & look into the daycare insurance.


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    I think you are just too late on this one. All the parents have already enrolled their kids in daycare/summer camp and I think you would be wasting your time to get a curriculum together etc because I just don't think you are going to get any calls, UNLESS your area is very high demand. However I would try and look into something else.

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    I'd say go for it. What have you got to loose. If you land a few families that will be wonderful. If not all it cost you was a little bit of time and legwork. Plus, by planning a curriculum now it will give you something to work with during long school breaks and next summer, if you feel like still pursuing it. Plus, it puts your name in people's minds. Especially during the school year, if they could use a French tutor.

    Sounds like you already have your mind made up. Don't let anyone discourage you. I think you were just looking for some reassurance. As someone who often takes big chances, I'll give you those words of encouragement.

    Happy Summer!

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    I have put up an add for Tutoring French & all other grade school subjects. If I get enough kids I can offer my camp idea if not then I will still end up with some tutoring work.

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    What about looking for younger children whose parents want them to go into French school as they would fit with what you are doing now and you would be teaching them.

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    Thanks for the idea added intro to french to my add. Will be making up posters soon.

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