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    Change in Termination Date

    Hi - I have a child who is terminating care end of next week. All is on good terms, and the mom gave me notice many weeks ago that child's last day would be next Friday June 29. I have also had their older sibling on school PD Friday's all year, so sibling was scheduled to attend as well. I recently filled spot with a new child starting begin of July even though they needed care prior (they have the child with various family members until space opened).
    Today, I received a note from terming mom that they are going away next long weekend and leaving on Friday. So she has advised the child's last day will be Thurs June 28 instead. Should I refund her two children's fees for the Friday since it occurs after their requested term date? I'm not sure what is fair... it bothers me a bit because i could have offered a transition day for the new child but they have made alternative arrangements. The terming mom isn't asking for refund, but that's not really the point. Do I owe her?
    Thoughts? Tx!
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    I would not refund any money. You are open and they changed the last day, not you. Tuition is paid my enrollment not attendance. Originally their last day was the 29th, it still is, they just will not be there. You shouldn't have to loose money because your client chose not to sent her kids for one day.

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    I would not refund her either. As far as I would be concerned, the contract ends when she gave notice for it to end on 29th and it just so happens, the child will not be present on that day. It's not enough time to accomodate any change or fill the space so she owes the money.

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    No, I wouldn't refund. She gave notice weeks ago, and you planned a new client based on that information. The fees are due for regular enrollment days, regardless of whether they choose to come or not. The last minute notice does not need to be at your financial loss.

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    Thanks all, I will go with your advice. Luckily she's not asking but if it comes up I'll know how to respond.

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    Yes. I wouldn't refund either. You have a written proof to back you up. 29 was last day. It is not you changing dates in fact now you're still available for them if they change their minds for any reason;0)

    Just keep it friendly, and if asked (which I doubt) you can always explain why they still need to pay. Anyway, keep it friendly do a special last day activity or a little party with them. And you'll see that they will feel that at least you have absolutely dedicated extra time and attention to them. (Absolutely priceless;0)

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