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    Lightbulb A letter for parents to send to their MPP's re: Bill 10

    FTR, I did not write this letter so I can't take credit for all the hard work that the group owners of the coalition on facebook are putting into this. I'm just doing my part, to grab the attention of the "decision makers" so this bill is not passed without a fight. I think it's obvious that childcare providers are going to fight against it, but if they hear from a large number of parents who use home childcare on how it will negatively affect them, they may pause to reconsider.

    I have just sent this letter for my daycare parents to date, sign and send off to their MPP's along with this link that directs them to their MPP's contact info: http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/m...t.do?locale=en

    Please copy and paste this letter into a document and send it to your DC parents! An even better step would be to print, and stamp envelopes ready for them at pick up!


    Name and Address*
    of your*MPP*



    As a parent who has the right to determine who will care for my children, I am opposed to Bill 10.*I have selected an independent*provider because I want my children to be cared for in a close-knit, loving, and home-like environment – one that best reflects and echoes my own home and my own parenting style and where I am assured that the one-on-one attention that is important to the upbringing of my children will be received. It is for this reason that independent*provider s*become*an integral part of the families for*whom they provide care.*

    I am specifically*opposed to*the proposal which will*institute a ratio of two under two as well as the inclusion of the child care provider’s own children,*under six,**in the quota*as it*will force many providers to shut their doors or increase their daily rates. This will drive up the cost of childcare for families in Ontario as well as substantially decrease the number of daycare spaces available. Additionally, should providers have to look for other employment,*their own children will require*care*resulti ng*in more children in need of*a child care space.**Where will the 350,000+ children currently in independent homecare go, should providers*be required to*terminate families or close their doors entirely?*

    Should this Bill pass, my*current options for choosing the child care which best suits*my family*needs will no longer be affordable or available.**Those of us*who are not able to afford the higher rates will be forced to stay home with*our*own children or,**choose a less ideal care situation*as these changes*may force many providers to go underground in order to continue to earn a living.****

    This province is already facing a child care crisis. Bill 10 strongly suggests that our government*is*determ ined to do its utmost to make child*care*in Ontario*virtually unobtainable.* Adding 6,000 new daycare spots will not replace the tens of thousands*at risk as a result of this Bill. I am entirely in*favor of new standards that ensure the security*and well-being of all children, but this approach is extremely*flawed.*
    I respectfully ask that you recognize the importance*of my opinion concerning the care of my own children as well as the value I place in my Independent Provider and all others who provide care for thousands of families across Ontario.*I implore you to reconsider imposing restrictions that will result in these providers no longer being able to*care for the 80% of Ontario’s children already in their care.***


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    I apologize for the asterisks, not sure how that happened during the copy and paste!

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