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    Being Preggers while running a daycare....HELP!

    Hey Everyone

    Just wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on how to beat exhaustion during pregnancy. I'm 7 and a half months now

    My program has dwindled to almost nothing and I feel so impatient! I'm not my chipper self and I'm having a hard time.

    I had an assistant but I had to let her go due to a terrible attitude and the fact that she was more stress than helpful (just unable to follow direction or learn the way I run things). I'm currently looking for another one but lets admit it; I'll have to find a good one and then train them so I wont get a real break for a few weeks if not longer.

    I no longer get my afternoon nap while the children sleep as I have two kids that do not nap anymore (transitioning for full day kindergarten)

    What do you do? I'm getting a little depressed over my inability to function as I did before getting pregnant. I need my patience to increase so I don't feel like a meanie all day.

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    I don't know if there's an easy fix - daycare and pregnancy are not a good mix! Try going to bed a bit earlier. I have non-nappers, but I always put on a movie for them, so I at least get some downtime. Although since they are both my own kids, they still bug me way more than I would like them to.

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    I know how nap time/quiet time is needed for all of us, but even more when pregnant. I am 8 mos and fortunately all the kids sleep 2.5 hrs, except my son who usually sleeps 1.5 hrs at the most, but he is great during quiet time, he plays by himself and reads when not sleeping. Maybe you could do that for the older ones, offer them either stay quietly playing or reading or they go back to their cots. I don't nap, but I really feel re-energized after that rest time.

    I know you are looking for an ECE and very qualified assistant, I focus more on energetic and smart assistants willing to learn my ways and I even have paid trials before I hire them to make sure they would work. I think the worst assistant I had was an ECE student that worked as an assistant at a daycare center. Looking at her resume she seemed one of the most qualified assistants I had.
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