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    Before & After School questions

    Hey everyone!

    So I am wondering what you all charge foe B/A spots? I am thinking I am going to switch to just providing B/A care after my next maternity break.

    I am thinking of charging $20/day, is this reasonable?

    also do you offer a lower rate if someone only needs one or the other? I would think it wouldn't be worth it!

    Any info is greatly appreciated!!

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    It all depends on what others charge in your area. I used to have before/after school and I charged $5 a day (regardless if the child was here for morning/afternoon or both). I might have another one this Sept and will be charging $6. I will only have the child for approx. 2 hours a day. I do not provide any food or drink to before/after school children and I don't have to do any pickups as the bus came right to my driveway. I also did not stand outside with the child. I would make sure he was dressed and had everything and out the door he went.

    Like I said, it all depends on what other's charge and if you have to do pickup/drop off, supply snacks etc.

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    I do B/A school and originally charged $15/day, now raised to $17. The school next door is $20, and I offer a healthy snack included, so I think $17 is reasonable. I do pickups and drop-offs, will pick up early for weather closures (I have 2 kids in the school myself, so it makes sense) and offer full-day care on all PA days and summer breaks.

    I am considering switching to all B/A school at the end of next year, as we may be expecting in April (just waiting to confirm it! - sorry, TMI) and upping to $20/day. If I do that though, I may have to offer breakfast too to get the clients, and I really don't want to do that - cereal and milk are expensive! That's the problem with older kids; they can eat a ton! One of the reasons I raised from $15 to $17, just to help cover their food.

    Like mickyc said, it depends on what you offer and what else is around. Our school offers care, but it has very limited spots, limited hours, and high fees, so I think I may be ok in finding kids. Especially if I offer homework help, I think. If your area has lots of affordable options though, it may be tougher.

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    Fingers crossed for you, Crazyeight!
    I agree, it depends on what others in your area are charging and what you offer. I've been thinking of doing this too. In my area, $20 for before and after seems to be the norm.

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