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    Incorporating an unlicensed home daycare


    Just wondering what's the benefits of incorporating vs. sole-proprietor...any thoughts or advance would be much appreciated

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    Why do you need to incorporate a home daycare? Is this something your accountant suggested?

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    Completely unnecessary. A home daycare is a business that does not need a business license, does not need to be registered as a business (in ontario any ways). You should not be classified as a sole-proprieter or even be thinking of incorporating. I think someone is giving you ideas that do not pertain to running a home daycare.

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    If you apply for a BIN in Ontario you must declare what type of business you are(ie. sole proprietorship), but if not, then there's no need to specify. Incorporatating will not save you from being sued(as for the reason most people want to go that route) There is no reason to incorporate this type of business.

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