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    best piece of advice: HUMIDIFIERS....or any noise makers. I used them with my own kids who are close in age, so noone would be woken up (early morning feedings etc) and I swear by them for daycare naps as well. I use the 3 bedrooms of my house upstairs and separate them as best I can...depending on the best matches, but right one is having a major power struggle, non-napping phase, and she can cry as much as she wants...no one hears her

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    I agree, that all of the children in my daycare will always have a naptime/quite time from 1pm to 3pm because I work from 7am to 5pm and then I clean and vacuum and sweep and clean my home. So with my very long working days I need a break (as most people who work outside their home have breaks during the day)!

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