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    Co-Op able to determine number of children I care for?

    I live in a co-op and the co-op's by-laws state that I cannot care for more than 5 children including my own. This is apparently an old rule from when the co-op was first started in the early 80's. According to our current Ontario law I am able to care for 5 children plus my own. I want to know if my co-op is even able to have a rule that supersedes an Ontario law? If they cannot do this, where would I go about finding documentation to prove to my co-op that this rule needs to be changed?

    Thanks for any help

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    There is another provide on here in a condo that has put strict limits on her number of children. I'll let her give more details.

    My understanding is that if you live in a condo/co-op you basically sign a contract agreeing to abide by any and all "rules" they make up. It's what makes them work. Everyone within the condo lives by the same rules.

    While a condo couldn't make up a rule that changes the laws (as in, you can have 10 kids versus the 5 the law states) they can work in the other way...of putting a lower limit. They are still within the law...but they made it fit their condo/co-op philosophy.

    I would think you are up for a really, really big battle if you try to make them change their rules. It is NOT something I would ever attempt. We owned a unit in a condo. The meetings and running's of it where nuts. You won't easily change anyone's minds! People that run condos do it because they like to make people abide by their rules...not to allow people to easily change those rules!

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    While I generally agree with Lee-Bee, one question: does anyone on the co-op board actually care? Have they told you this, or did you look up the by-laws to make sure you were ok and found it? I ask because we live in a condo (townhouse) and it's in the by-laws that owners are not allowed to run businesses out of their homes. I think the rule was put in for things like doing hairdressing out of your house, which would create lots of traffic, etc. However, my neighbour was doing daycare before we moved in, and no one said anything. I recently joined the condo board (biggest mistake ever, it's like being back in high school!) and discovered that the board mostly turns a blind eye. I'm covered anyways because according to them, daycare is a "grey area" as I don't have a business number and I'm not a registered business. I run a legitimate daycare, issue receipts, follow the law, etc, but daycare providers aren't required to have a business number, so I can get away with saying that I'm not running a business, I'm "just babysitting." As much as I loathe that term, I'll use it if it means my neighbours won't jump down my throat.

    It might be worth floating it past your co-op board, if they haven't specifically told you that you must follow the rule. If you're quiet about it, and you don't let your daycare kids destroy other people's property and such, they may just let it go.

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    you have to follow the co-op rules. I live in a minto buildings and have to follow this as well.

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    Yes they can.

    Here in NS we are allowed 6 including our own children. Registered or not, the limit is 6. However, there are some areas where the by-laws further limit it to 4.

    The Co-op rules are like a contract which you agreed to abide by.

    Just like you issue a contract to your day care parents with your own personal requirements. The fact that day care in your province might be available 24x7 doesn't mean your particular day care has to run round the clock. You determine your rules of business and the co-op determines theirs.
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    I don't know the answer but hope you find out!

    What Rachael says makes sense to me though.

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    Thank you so much. That does make sense. I don't think my co-op would really care but I don't want to embarrass myself if they do. I would really only have one more a couple days a week potentially from a family friend... but still. I will see if I can persuade my co-op to change the rules at our annual meeting. Doubtful they will but never hurts to try

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