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    Brightsparks do you mind if I private message you about this? My 19month old was diagnosed with milk protein intolerance at about 4months of age...I cut out all milk in my diet (breastfeeding) and all symptoms went away unless I slipped up. I'd love to see if you might have some info from your research and seminars to pass on to me!!
    Went through the same thing with my younger daughter, we went dairy free for over a year while I was breastfeeding. She is 2.5 years old now and has outgrown it is to a certain extent and is able to have small amounts of dairy a day - usually a piece of cheese. I still don't give either of my girls cows milk as they both have intolerances. My youngest gets diarrhea/eczema (milk protein intolerance) and my oldest gets constipated. I did all my own research on it too, as my family doctor was useless. She called it lactose intolerance when it was really milk protein intolerance. I myself also have dairy intolerance which was really bad when I was a child, and it was really bad after I started introducing dairy again after I finished breastfeeding. But I have built up my tolerance again and can eat it in moderation.

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    its very dificult problem, need fix it!

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