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Thread: Rally - bill 10

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    I am just doing research on this topic to fill myself in where is the best resource? Is there a date to when this bill would enforced if its passed (which is completely scary!!!) I'm informing all my parents so they know what is going on and how it affects them and my daycare. Where can I go to find all the things they are pushing for and all the changes they will implement so I can pass this on to my parents and inform them of everything.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    I don't think it's a question of whether it's manageable or not though. The problem is how do we convince the general public that one person can care for 5 6 7+ kids? I'm not even going to try. These days most households have 1-2 kids and parents struggle with just that many. Add to the fact that where the injuries or deaths occurred were in overcrowded daycares...it just doesn't paint a pretty picture. And yes I realize they were running illegally but the problem is parents clearly don't know what's legal and what's not sadly, even when it comes to their child's safety and well being. There needs to be a set ratio IMO that both private and agency daycares follow so there is less confusion.

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    the website for the Coalition of Independent Childcare Providers, it will give you all the info you need.


    that's the parliament webpage where you can find the transcripts of all the debates and info on what stage the Bill is currently in.

    Right now, it has passed the debate stage, and goes to a committee of MPP's that discuss all the info submitted from affected parties. We have lobbied hard for this committee to travel around Ontario during the winter, to hear from providers and parents across the province, before it decides on what amendments, if any, need to be made. Then the Bill will have a third reading, then they will vote. The Liberals want this passed before Christmas. The PC and the NDP are lobbying for a travelling committee - for completely different reasons, but at this point, any one saying the Bill should travel is ok with me! If the committee DOES travel, the third reading wouldn't happen until sometime in late February or March, as parliament goes back in session after Family Day.

    Any more questions, just ask.

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    Anyone from the Milton area attending the rally on Sunday in Guelph?

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